Art and illustration

Printmaking, other art, and illustration, often on science themes.

  • Central Tech Adult Art School 2014-16
  • Scuola di Grafica (writer-in-residence in a printmaking studio), Venice May 2017
  • Proyecto ‘ace (printmaking and writing residency in a printmaking studio), upcoming in Buenos Aires February 2018.

Some of my artwork and illustration:

Scientific illustration, in Nature Reports. Watercolour and ink pen

Figure 1




Intaglio printmaking (etching and related)

Causes of Insomnia #14: Wolf at door. Etching with aquatint.

Gradient. Etching with various non-toxic intaglio techniques including sharpie, acrylic spray aquatint, cellotape, stopout, etc.


Painting and sketches

Self-portrait, oils.

   Sleep, pencil sketch.

Charcoal sketch.



Vinales, Cuba, 2013.