Selected publications

University of Toronto Press
The Opposite of Violence (essay about kindness in the mental health care system for people in crisis, in Madness, Violence and Power, edited by Andrea Daley, Lucy Costa and Peter Beresford; University of Toronto Press 2019)
The Washington Post
Canada shows how overdose prevention sites can help tackle the opioid crisis
The Globe and Mail
Legacy of a Zapatista rebel
Around the world of opioids in six books
Love in another time of cholera
It’s time to properly address the opioid crisis. So why is it getting so little attention this election?
Staying in readers’ good books
The fact that my opioid use is lawful doesn’t make me better than other drug users
Overdose prevention sites are a matter of life and death. Ontario’s government has made its choice…
Data show the first supervised injection site in the US, although illegal, prevented…
The Walrus Magazine
Saying No to Drugs Isn’t an Answer to Addiction
Why Should I Feel Ashamed of My Opioid Prescription?
Spacing Magazine

This is your city on drugs
Reasons to be Cheerful
Portugal’s Wildly Successful Decriminalization Experiment
Harm Reduction Goes Global–an interactive map
The Breach
Toronto’s shelter hotels promised safe transitional housing–what happened?
What we need to be well
Choosing Wisely Perspectives
Let’s have a cautious but compassionate approach to opioid prescribing
How the Drug War Fosters Devastating Land-Grabs (first of a three-part series on environmental issues)
How the Global Drug War Threatens Environmental Defenders (part 2 of 3)
The State of Research on Cannabis as an Opioid “Exit Drug”
The Price of Saving a Life: Naloxone’s Cost Barrier in the US
Harm Production: Ontario’s Brutal Cuts Add Fuel to the Overdose Fire
Five of the Ways Unsanctioned Harm Reduction Continues to Blaze Trails
How a Canadian Decriminalization Model Can Improve on Portugal
Compassion Clubs Advance Toward Authorization in Vancouver
The Ways We “Monsterize” Drug Use, Pain, and People
A three-part series on homelessness:
The Mischaracterized Relationship b/n Drug Use and Homelessness 
The Pandemic Accelerates the Rise–and Criminalization–of Tent Cities
Housing First and the Homelessness Crisis–What Went Wrong?
National Observer
What Canada should do for refugees, starting now
The Local
The Cost of a Stay at a Shelter Hotel
Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics (Johns Hopkins University Press)
The View from Up North (essay in Volume 8, No 3, Winter 2018)
NOW magazine

See most of my articles for NOW, where I wrote on social movements and municipal politics.
Canadian Geographic
Biodiversity: Environmental scientist of the year (actually a feature about citizen science)
The Guardian
Women of the world unite
Eye weekly
, for whom I wrote dozens of features, news stories, and unsigned editorials
School board spying on student politics
Women and children (editorial)
Behind the barricades
Taking aim
Smoke gets in your eyes
Canadian Dimension (a few of my “Under the radar” columns on social movements around the world)
Public libraries and free trade
Latin American Canadians
Letter from Chiapas
Fuse Magazine
Theatre as a political tool
The Cultural Gutter (book review)
The dead body politic
Link to a number of my book reviews and articles 
Justifiable force
This Magazine

Insecurity measures
The Toronto Star
No backyards or picket fences
Quill & Quire
I wrote many reviews of books for children and youth, as well as a few other articles and reviews for this magazine about publishing in Canada.

I write about literature; medicine and especially evidence in medicine; the luxury of travel & the travesty of homelessness; and states of mind, often touching on drugs (and drug policy), depression and pain. I’ve written for the Washington Post, the Guardian, and the Globe and Mail and many others (see links to many of them below). Other topics I cover and have covered over the years include inequality/inequity, policing, migration issues, social and labour movements and activism, environmental change, and women’s rights. As well as writing for Canadian mainstream and alternative media, I’ve contributed to publications in Spain, Germany, the UK and the United States. I have recent essays in Madness, Violence and Power (an anthology from University of Toronto Press) and Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics (Johns Hopkins University Press). My first book was published in 2016 and the second, On Opium: Pain, Pleasure, and Other Matters of Substance, was published by Goose Lane, Canada’s oldest independent publisher, in 2021. The audiobook was published in 2022 by ECW Press and is available worldwide.