Selected journalism

I write about literature; medicine and especially evidence in medicine; travel and being a flaneuse; and states of mind, often touching on drugs, depression and pain. But uplifting! Very uplifting.

I’ve also written extensively on inequality, policing, migration issues, social movements and activism, environmental change, and women’s rights. I’ve written for Our Times (labour) and High Times (marijuana), for the Guardian (UK) and La Vanguardia (Spain), as well as for publications in Germany and the United States, and have essays forthcoming in Madness, Violence and Power (an anthology from University of Toronto Press) and Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics (Johns Hopkins University Press).

Selected publications:

The Washington Post
Canada shows how overdose prevention sites can help tackle the opioid crisis
The Walrus Magazine
Saying No to Drugs Isn’t an Answer to Addiction
Spacing Magazine

This is your city on drugs
Choosing Wisely Perspectives
Let’s have a cautious but compassionate approach to opioid prescribing
National Observer
What Canada should do for refugees, starting now
The Globe and Mail
Legacy of a Zapatista rebel
Love in another time of cholera
Staying in readers’ good books
The fact that my opioid use is lawful doesn’t make me better than other drug users 
NOW magazine
See most of my articles for NOW, where I wrote on social movements and municipal politics.
Canadian Geographic
Biodiversity: Environmental scientist of the year (actually a feature about citizen science)
The Guardian
Women of the world unite
Eye weekly, for whom I wrote dozens of features, news stories, and unsigned editorials
School board spying on student politics
Women and children (editorial)
Behind the barricades
Taking aim
Smoke gets in your eyes
Canadian Dimension (“Under the radar” column on social movements around the world)
Public libraries and free trade
Latin American Canadians
Letter from Chiapas
Fuse Magazine
Theatre as a political tool
book reviews and articles
This Magazine

Insecurity measures
The Toronto Star
No backyards or picket fences
Quill & Quire
I wrote many reviews of books for children and youth, as well as a few other articles and reviews for this magazine about publishing in Canada:
A pocket can have a treasure